An American in Argentina: The Culture Shock is Real

        This is our fourth season in Argentina, and as we prepare to return to the states in a few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on some of the biggest cultural differences and norms that we’ve experienced, compared with our lives in the U.S. While one might think that I’d be used to […]

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This Life Isn’t For Everyone

So the main flight to Argentina was cool. I have some generally well behaved kids, so the combination of my mommy eye, the pinch, and my “behave bags” will almost always provide good results. Barely any screaming, minimal crying, and as little complaining as can be expected from 3 kids under 7, and a moody […]

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When It’s Time To Move On

Anyone familiar with overseas basketball knows that most contracts are year to year, sometimes with an option for an additional year, and sometimes you’ll get a two year offer. Our two year offers have mostly been from less desirable teams, so throughout my husband’s 11 year career, we’ve always had one year contracts and have […]

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