How to Maintain Your Sanity When Flying Internationally With Kids and Dogs

I’m very much a wing-it type of woman. Dinner time is whenever it’s ready, bed time is after the kids are fed and bathed, and our daily schedule is so fluid I wouldn’t even call it a schedule. However, when trying to maintain my sanity on a long haul flight, I try to be prepared. […]

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Rushed Packing and Lazy Parenting

So what I should be doing right now is packing. My husband and I are one of those couples who always try our best to start packing up early, so that we can chill and not stress before we fly. The reality is that we stay up all night the night before without fail, and […]

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Homeward Bound

I’ve reached that point in the year when all I can think about is going home. I’m tasting sushi, buffalo wings, Starbucks, Red Lobster, and a whole lot of Ben and Jerry’s in my mouth. Individually, all at once, I don’t think I care. I just want to go home and eat and be merry. […]

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