The Basketball Bubble, aka the Lonely Life of an Overseas Basketball Wife

As I sat down for dinner at 1am this past Monday, I was conflicted as to how I should feel at that moment. I was happy for the silence, but I was exhausted, and pretty pissed at the very fact that I was eating dinner at 1am. My older three had a physical fitness performance […]

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For The Love of My Overseas WAGS

I often talk about the good and bad of overseas life, with the good far outweighing the bad. While some things hold true regardless of the team or country, I’ve found that my experiences are greatly affected by the city or town I’m in, and by whether I have a friend to help me pass […]

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The Longest Summer

Early summer is a magical, yet slightly annoying, time for us. I’m excited to go home after what would have been a long season abroad, especially with no visits home. It’s also the beginning of contract season. If you aren’t lucky to be in the middle of a multi-year contract, you’ll undoubtedly spend the majority […]

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