The Basketball Bubble, aka the Lonely Life of an Overseas Basketball Wife

As I sat down for dinner at 1am this past Monday, I was conflicted as to how I should feel at that moment. I was happy for the silence, but I was exhausted, and pretty pissed at the very fact that I was eating dinner at 1am. My older three had a physical fitness performance […]

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Damn you, Yaz

I’ve always considered myself to be fiercely independent. I spent a good part of my youth unsupervised, held jobs since I was 14, went away for high school, and again for college, and then relocated to Boston immediately after. My independence has suited me, and I was comfortable being on my own and worrying only […]

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That damn green grass

When I was a working mom I worked long hours and rarely got to spend time with my kids during the week. I longed for the day I would get to parent full time. Most days I spent at least 10 hours a day at work because billable hours are no joke. It’s a terrible […]

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