When The Terror Hits Close To Home

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago and it was another great one, filled with love, friendship, and family. I had dinner with the kids, went out with hubby and friends, and received the most amazing and thoughtful homemade gifts from the kids. I felt so loved and it was another reminder that my […]

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My Love Affair With Istanbul

As I sit here on a Saturday afternoon watching a youth track meet from my window, I realize that this will be the highlight of my day and decide that’s pretty depressing to my city girl sensibilities. It’s no secret that I think Edirne is the pitts, but my saving grace has been the amazing […]

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Game day

I love game day! After spending most of the week dressed in workout gear and sweats, it’s the one day I get to throw on some heels and appear somewhat presentable to the world. Before the “thing with my hair” I would even attempt to style it to complete the look. Hubby spends the day […]

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