The End of an Era

My hubby is now in his 13th season as a professional basketball player. I have been overseas with him for all but 3 of those years, making this my 10th season abroad. His first year overseas was my last year of law school. It was tough being apart, especially because we had just had our […]

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The Basketball Bubble, aka the Lonely Life of an Overseas Basketball Wife

As I sat down for dinner at 1am this past Monday, I was conflicted as to how I should feel at that moment. I was happy for the silence, but I was exhausted, and pretty pissed at the very fact that I was eating dinner at 1am. My older three had a physical fitness performance […]

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Eating Turkish style

This is probably the most frustrating aspect of overseas life for me. The lack of familiar foods and spices has thrown me for a loop in multiple countries. I’ve spent countless hours wandering around supermarkets with foreign language dictionaries and/or my phone translator, just trying to figure out if they had an ingredient I needed, […]

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