Damn you, Yaz

I’ve always considered myself to be fiercely independent. I spent a good part of my youth unsupervised, held jobs since I was 14, went away for high school, and again for college, and then relocated to Boston immediately after. My independence has suited me, and I was comfortable being on my own and worrying only […]

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The little Gypsy girl

My heart broke this morning. While taking my dog for a walk I came across a Gypsy woman and her two children, who looked to be about 5 and 8. They were scavenging for food and bottles as they usually do, but instead of just looking in the dumpsters, the woman had her two little […]

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Please don’t touch my baby

Let me preface by saying that Turkish people are great. Warm, loving, almost always friendly. But oh my goodness, they have no boundaries! None. On multiple occasions I have been approached with a “Merhaba” (hello) and then in rapid fire succession, “What is your name? Where are you from? How old are you? What is […]

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