Viva La Italia

Italy was my first living experience abroad 6 years ago. I was fresh out of law school and it was just what I needed. No more stress, no more 16 hour exams, and best of all no more Socratic method. Of all the places I’ve been since, Italy still holds a huge place in my heart. Every year I hope that we’ll get a desirable offer from an Italian team just so I can learn Italian and go back to eating the best pizzas and drinking the best wines. The people were so friendly and beautiful and fashionable, which is always a plus when I people watch, which I do lot of when overseas.


At that time we only had one child so we were able to spend countless hours eating out and enjoying the nightlife. We lived 15 minutes outside of Milan so it was an ideal location. This is when I was introduced to the European way of life which is soooo accommodating to children. The meals last for hours and they are truly a family affair. When midnight rolls around the parents and friends are drinking and laughing and the children are playing or sleeping nearby. I can’t count the number of evil looks I’ve gotten in the states when out with our children past 10pm, so this was a welcome change. We were also lucky enough to find a babysitter so we had a good amount of couple time. Those were the days!


Only negative is that I gained a legit 10 pounds and didn’t even notice for months. Imagine that, who gains 10 pounds and doesn’t even notice? A woman with her face so deep in pasta and wine that’s who. Let’s not forget the desserts, those hurt too. People would come out of their shops and literally chase me down the street to give pastries and candy to our little girl, which she had no choice but to share. Definitely worth it though.


We didn’t just hang out and socialize, but had the chance to be total tourists in places like Rome and Genoa, complete with fold out maps and everything. We were also lucky enough to live 20 minutes from Lake Como so we had much to see and do.

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Viva la Italia! I will be back.

Welcome to my world

I love living overseas, and although I have loved some places more than others, I’m so grateful and blessed to have seen so many parts of the world and to have been able to expose my children to the same. A few years ago I took a break from traveling and stayed in my hometown of New York City to put my law degree to work. While my firm was lovely, my job was not. I found myself bored to tears and worked to death so the ability to travel and experience and explore different cultures was most definitely a welcome change.

I would say that Milan and Berlin are my favorite cities by far, but where we end up is not always up to me. Where we are now, in Edirne, Turkey is NOT the business. Anyone who knows me has heard me complain about how small this town is (It’s really a city but I prefer to call it a town). Boredom has become my middle name. Despite the company of my husband, 3 kiddies, and a hyper little dog, I still yearn for more than just my daily workout.

My idea of somehow practicing law exclusively online was clearly a pipe dream so here I am! This is my opportunity to talk (as I love to do) to everyone and no one at the same time. I never got into twitter, especially with those silly character restrictions, so here I can share my experiences with everything from giving birth overseas to pet travel to the challenges of cooking overseas. I can hopefully give some helpful advice about overseas life, but I’d also just like to share some of my life and loves with my friends and family back home. So welcome!