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The End of an Era

My hubby is now in his 13th season as a professional basketball player. I have been overseas with him for all but 3 of those years, making this my 10th season abroad. His first year overseas was my last year of law school. It was tough being apart, especially because we had just had our […]

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For The Love of My Overseas WAGS

I often talk about the good and bad of overseas life, with the good far outweighing the bad. While some things hold true regardless of the team or country, I’ve found that my experiences are greatly affected by the city or town I’m in, and by whether I have a friend to help me pass […]

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The little Gypsy girl

My heart broke this morning. While taking my dog for a walk I came across a Gypsy woman and her two children, who looked to be about 5 and 8. They were scavenging for food and bottles as they usually do, but instead of just looking in the dumpsters, the woman had her two little […]

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