The Beautiful Carlos Paz: The Hamptons of Argentina

Perhaps the worst part of living overseas as the wife of a basketball player, is the lack of real time off. They get maybe one day off per week, but that day is often the day after a game, or a day when they spent 15 hours traveling by bus or plane and their “day off” consists of the remainder of that travel day. There are no weekends off, no breaks for Thanksgiving, or other holidays we expect to have some extra family time.

However, Christmas is the exception. The league has a mandate of 10 days off, so 10 days is what we get. Last year we spent a few days in Tucuman, the closest big city, two hours away. This year we ventured to Cordoba, which is arguably the best city in Northern Argentina.

Cordoba is almost 6 hours away, which was a lofty goal considering I get car sick, along with my 8 year old and 4 year old, who often throw up on any trip over an hour. So despite the preventative dramamine, this trip had our little one’s face in a bag anytime she was in the car and not asleep.

But it was worth it!

Cordoba is the big city, where we spent New Year’s eve and a few days after, but we spent the bulk of our time in Carlos Paz, about 30-45 minutes outside of the city. It’s the epitome of a resort town, filled with hotels, hostels, restaurants and bars, and of course, beaches.

These beaches are not the beaches you’ll find in Florida, or even in the Hamptons. Instead, they are really rivers, but with sand, clean water, and amazing views. The beaches are filled with young people drinking and listening to music, as well as older couples, and families all relaxing and enjoying their time off. People take holidays and vacations seriously and they relax like bosses.


Aside from the beach, we also took a chair lift up one of the mountains, where we enjoyed the view and the kids enjoyed some activities such as archery once we reached the top.


There was also an amusement park and water park that we attempted to visit, but a rainy day spilled our fun. We were able to travel the 40 minutes into the city and spend a day at a mall, where I was able to re-up on my coveted Nespresso capsules, take in a showing of Aquaman in English, and enjoy a much needed cup of coffee from the elusive Starbucks. We also rang in the new year at a great party at the Sheraton, where we ate and drank to our hearts desire.


The trip gave me a much needed break from the day to day life in Santiago. It reminded me of summer weekends in the Hamptons,Β where there’s nothing to do that doesn’t involve sun, beaches, good food and drinks, and relaxation. A great vacation indeed!

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