The Mountains of San Javier

Our most recent trip to Tucuman was our third overall (and second with the hubs) so we wanted to venture outside of the city to see what else Tucuman had to offer. Since we had previously visited the animal reserve in the hills of Horco Molle, we decided to go a bit further and hike the trails of the mountains that begin in Horco Molle and extend to San Javier.




We’re lucky that it was a mild day, with temperatures only reaching the low 80s, instead of the high 90s we’ve had the past few weeks. The kids have never been on a proper hike before so they were excited. Even though I’m a city kid myself, I spent a good deal of my youth at summer camps in rural areas, so I was also excited to surround myself with nature once again.




The trails are family friendly up until a certain point, where it breaks off into a much more challenging one. I would have liked to try the advanced trial, but my 3 and 5 year olds would not have been able to handle it. Perhaps the next time we’ll leave them behind and go for it. The advanced trail leads to the top of the mountain, where the views are apparently to die for!



Even though we didn’t make it to the top, I still felt very close to the clouds!

Our trail still had much to discover, with streams and ravines to cross, different types of mushrooms and plants to discover, various bridges, abandoned tracks, and we even came across what appeared to be part of an old train car.




With the path being as rocky as it was, my greatest surprise is that no one hurt themselves. My kids are big, and with their size comes great unsteadiness on their feet (I’ll stop shy of calling them clumsy, but yea). Anaya did have a little fall, but there were no tears, so I’ll say it was a win for these kids and their first hike.




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