Moving Day, the Argentinian Way

Two years ago we were in a hotel for 6 weeks and I thought I would just about lose it. It was our first season in Argentina, and I quickly learned what would be coined “the Argentinian way.” Now I can’t be sure if we coined the term, or if it has been around for ages, but the Argentinian way insures that tomorrow means maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after, possibly next week, but really who knows. It rarely actually means tomorrow.

So flash forward to this season, and with our new team and new city we were hoping for a quicker and smoother transition, but alas, there’s just no getting around the Argentinian way. We almost broke the 6 week record, but 3 days short of it we were finally able to move! I would say that my joy knows no bounds, but the Argentinian way relates to every aspect of life, and especially with moving and settling in it seems.

It’s been just about two weeks and we are still waiting on the air conditioners, Direct tv, a dining room table, mirrors for the bathroom, a coffee table or side table (I’ll take anything at this point!) We do actually have a beautiful newΒ  microwave, but it’s not compatible with the kitchen outlets so it can’t be used. We also have a washing machine, but it’s not hooked up to plumbing or electricity so not quite useful. We also don’t have a dryer, and since we don’t have a house with lines outside to dry anymore, we’re shit out of luck.

We do have a couch, but have only actually had it for a few days because they couldn’t figure out how to get it in the apartment, so we spent the first week and a half sitting on the cushions on the floor! I basically spent the last couple of weeks saying fml on a continuous loop.


There was so much crap around the house, with nowhere to put it, that even Rico got caught up in Tristan’s headphones, looking confused and guiltyΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The kids, however, were just happy to be out of that hotel and to have access to their arsenal of toys, some which were just retrieved from our storage in Belgium. They spent so much time on the floor that they barely noticed we didn’t have an actual couch to sit on.


This Thomas the Train set is without a doubt the most coveted of all their toys. Even I got down there to build it up more times than I’d care to share!

I will say that the apartment itself is big and beautiful. Was it worth the wait? Who knows, but I will say that I am happy to come home everyday. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, which in itself is a Godsend with 4 poopy ass kids! It also has a pretty spacious kitchen, complete with an oven that’s actually equipped with a broiler (our first in Argentina!)

Aside from the kitchen, I’m excited to have the best closets we’ve had in years of overseas living! I have been told that I pack with a heavy hand, and while I do not agree with that assessment, I will say that I may not be the lightest of packers 😏. So while I have struggled with space in the past, this closet has managed to put a permanent smile on my face. I just love to organize and this closet has given me life! Now if I only had somewhere to goΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Photo Collage Maker_ACYymf

The little things πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Ok back to the apartment! The rooms have floor to ceiling windows and a large patio with a built in grill, that runs across the living room and two of the bedrooms. We haven’t put a table and chairs out there yet, and I’ve actually forbidden the kids from going outside until they put up some kind of safety net, because we’re on the 10th floor and the tiny little railing has me petrified that one of the kids will fall 10 stories down! Heck, I’m scared of falling myself because all it takes is for one bee to attack me while out there and I’m done for!


The view from the house during the day. Actually doesn’t seem so scary, but I couldn’t bring myself to get close enough to the railing


The view at night. It took everything I had to go out there and take this pic in the darkness!

Aside from the general death trappy-ness, one of the selling points is the fact that the building has a rooftop pool, two floors up from us. So while we don’t have our own pool like we did the two previous seasons, we also don’t have to maintain it ourselves, so that’s a pretty good trade off.

We’re also on a main street, where all of the restaurants and cafe’s are (not to mention that we are across the street from the only sushi restaurant in the city πŸ˜€), so I can hardly complain about the neighborhood when all I’m surrounded by is food!

To help with the gluttony, a park with a running path is two blocks away, but I also joined the gym directly across the street for when those 100 degree days hit. All things I haven’t had in a few years, so beggars can’t be choosers, right?

When all is said and done, my family is together, we have our own space where I can cook, and teach, and clean to my liking. The kids are finally in school, making friends and learning the language, and they have full access to their toys and books at home, lovingly organized for their pleasure and enjoyment.

I’m finally able to burn a few candles and make this house a home. So even with the lack of certain modern amenities, it doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, and we have have great WiFi! The one modern amenity I can’t do without 😁😁😁


The bookshelf they love to hate. Chock full of fun books to read, as well as tons of “boring learning stuff” as they so eloquently put it!

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