Tucuman to the Rescue

I’m finally finding time to recap our trip to Tucuman a few weeks ago.

As is the Argentinian way, almost a month after arrival, we were still sitting in a hotel waiting for them to find us the “perfect” apartment.

I was at my wits end sitting in that hotel room, but I’m not the type to sit and sulk for too long, and the kids deserved to have some fun, so I decided to take a trip the nearest big city. We needed to relax and I wanted to explore and see some more of Argentina. I wish the hubby could have joined, but one day a week is the most the guys get off, so we had to leave him behind this time.

I did feel a little crazy leaving one hotel for another, but sometimes you just need a change of scenery!


Plaza Independencia, in the center of the city


Walking around at the park, before taking an ice cream break


The government palace


Estatua de la libertad

We also visited Horco Molle, which is an animal reserve where they care for and rehabilitate rescued animals. Many will live out their days here, but they do have the goal of returning them to their natural habitat.

The tickets were pretty cheap (about $3 for adults and $2 for children). With that entry fee, you get a dedicated guide that takes you around the park, explaining each animal, their food, habits, etc. We were lucky to have only 1 other person in our group so our guide took time explaining and answering all of the kids many questions. It was also a plus that she spoke English!

The other great thing is that the park isn’t so big, so the tour lasts about an hour, which is the perfect amount of time to spend walking around in the heat before the little ones start complaining. So the kids enjoyed this part of our trip very much.


Waiting for our guide to start the tour



In addition to the touristy activities, we did some shopping at the big mall just outside of the city, and walked around downtown, which was so big we had to split it into two days.

We also spent a good amount of time relaxing at the hotel, enjoying the cable tv and the reliable wifi. We stayed at the Sheraton hotel, which had a pretty nice playroom for the kids, as well as a gym for me to finally get a few workouts in. They also had a spa where I was able to get a much needed massage. We were bummed that the pool wasn’t yet open, as it was pretty hot during our visit, but since it is still officially springtime, most pools haven’t opened for the season yet.


The hotel was across the street from 9 de Julio park, which was huge and reminded me of central park because of it’s size. There were so many families out picnicking and lounging around drinking mate tea, and there was a big area with trampolines and bouncy houses for the kids. It appeared that people would put them up themselves and rent them out in 15 minute increments. With the prices being around $1 per 15 minutes, it was a steal, especially since they really just let the kids play as long as they liked. What a brilliant way to make money, while relaxing with family in the park!



He’s flying!



The Casa del Obispo Colombres, also known as the Sugar Industry museum, was inside the park


I bought this beauty from one of the vendors in the park


So our trip was a success, and the fact that Tucuman is only a little more than 2 hours away, means that we’ll definitely be back.

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