This Life Isn’t For Everyone

So the main flight to Argentina was cool. I have some generally well behaved kids, so the combination of my mommy eye, the pinch, and my “behave bags” will almost always provide good results. Barely any screaming, minimal crying, and as little complaining as can be expected from 3 kids under 7, and a moody 11 yr old. Since hubby had to report to training camp two weeks ago, I was happy to have my mom accompany us on our 24 hour trip.


My behave bags are a must for everyone’s sanity, mostly mine


Solo packing at 4:30am before our flight

The fun began in Buenos Aires, where I struggled with our 14 suitcases, 4 carry-ons, stroller, and other assorted items. I’ve apparently reached the point in life where I’m in jeopardy of throwing my back out with each episode of heavy lifting. At this point in our travels, I would usually sit back and watch my strong, capable, husband toss the bags around with ease, while shouting “good job baby!” or doing some other trivial task. That was all a dream this time around, and I have a heating pad attached to my back as I speak.

Back problems aside, the team arranged for us to spend a few hours in a hotel so we could sleep/shower and relax for a few hours, since we arrived at 4am, and our next flight wasn’t until 5pm. We were told we being taken to the same hotel the team stays at while in Buenos Aires, and I was eagerly anticipating the rest after the more than 10 hour flight.

Well someone must have missed the memo because we were taken to what I can only assume is where prostitutes go to take their “friends.” It was a tiny hotel on the kind of dark alley only seen in movies. The halls were dark and the rooms were tiny and reeked of cigarette smoke. One of the rooms didn’t even have a bathroom, while the other had a tiny one with room for just a toilet and sink, with a shower head aimed over the toilet, because, you know, that’s how one showers in a whore house???


Unhappy campers, but a snack cures all it seems

To say I was angry is an understatement. I do expect a certain amount of disfunction from teams, but we left our last team because they were heavy on it, so my threshold is low these days. Our new team has a reputation for professionalism, and this wasn’t it. Apologies flowed, “heads will roll” they said, as they promised to get to the bottom of how we ended up there. So ok, on to the next flight.

Once in Santiago Del Estero, our new home, we were brought to what would be our temporary living situation, until our permanent apartment is ready for us. Another player is currently living there, so a new place must be found for him before we can move in. This house boasted a big courtyard with the most beautiful trees and flowers, a big living room/dining room, 3 bedrooms, a pool, but of course no hot water, no working oven or microwave, a big non-working tv, a ridiculous mosquito infestation, and too far outside of town to walk (we tried, but gave up after almost an hour). This is, sadly, not a surprise, as so many teams bring the bullshit at the start of the season.




A great place to play, but for the million mosquitos trying to infect us with something gnarly!

The hubs is also away playing some pre-season games for 5 days so I’m stuck complaining on my own. But what a complainer I am! After dealing with this kind of disorganization and procrastination from many teams in many countries over the years, I have become well versed in the art of complaining and telling off, and tell off I did.

The day after I went off, we were moved into two apartment-like suites in a downtown hotel, with all the comforts of home, and a few blocks from all the restaurants and shops. We were able to walk around a little yesterday, and had a pretty good dinner in the city plaza. From what I can tell thus far, it seems like we’ll be happy here, as this city already looks to be a little more lively than Formosa, our last Argentinian city. More importantly for the kids, we’ve already located a playground directly across the street, which were very hard to come by in Formosa.


I unknowingly snapped a picture of the kids having their picture taken by some random woman


My poor Tristan being bum rushed by some school kidsΒ 

The hubs will be back tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll be in our apartment by this time next week, so we can get settled, get the kids in school, and explore some more, but what a rough start! Precisely why I tell people who say that they envy my life and travels, that it isn’t just one big vacation, and certainly is not for everyone!


Their first solid sleep ❀️


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