School’s Out for the Summer


The first day of school, just three short months ago!

This past week was the last week of school and the kids are now officially on vacation for the summer. Well in true Argentinian fashion, Kaden’s 1st grade classes ended last Monday, Maliya was done on Wednesday, and Tristan wasn’t done with preschool until this past Wednesday. Why? Why do they do this?

It’s probably the same reason why they had the most ridiculous schedule I’ve ever experienced. Classes for Maliya started at 7:30, Kaden at 8am, and Tristan at 8:30. Tristan finished at 11:45am everyday, while Kaden and Maliya were done at 1:30 pm, except for Mondays and Fridays when Kaden was done at 12pm, and Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when Maliya was done at 12pm. Did you get all that? Yea me neither. The number of times I left Maliya at school on Wednesdays because I couldn’t get it in my head that she was done early, but Kaden wasn’t, is a little embarrassing.

Needless to say, Tristan hasn’t seen a day of classes since Kaden was done last Wednesday because no one was waking up at the crack of dawn to take a 4 year old to school so he can play for 3 hours. Nope. Not in this house.

So one can imagine how bittersweet this summer vacation is. Part of me wants to jump for joy because that schedule will make the sanest parent lose it. The other part of me wants to cry tears of sadness because now I’ll be with all four kiddies for pretty much 24 hours a day, which will also include time spent home schooling, which is never pretty.


Creative projects are the only part of home schooling that the kids actually enjoy

I just wasn’t ready for it yet. The kids have only been in school for three months so if we think in terms of the American or European systems the kids have been in, we’d expect a good 6 more months to go.

But alas, we are in a country that is just entering the summer season so we’ve got three months of vacation to look forward to, but not the fun kind of vacation. The kind of vacation where daddy gets maybe one day off per week, so the weather is amazing but there really isn’t too much to do. 


We’re lucky we have a pool or there wouldn’t be anything to beat the heat

So to get through it, I think of the positive. Their school this year has been a million times better than the school they were in last year. While both schools were private schools, this school was so much more professional and inclusive. All three kiddies were able to participate in school plays, musicals, and performances held at school. The teachers made an effort to introduce them to the language,and they actually had homework which was completely missing from their school last year. They also made a huge effort to involve us as parents.



So while I may not have been ready for the end of school so soon after our American summer vacation, only jerks complain about vacations, right?

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