Why Don’t You Care That We Are Dying??? Why The Silence???

I generally don’t say too much on fb. I mostly just post cute pics of what me and the kiddies are up to, so that our friends and family can share in some of our daily happenings.

This picture is beautiful to me because it shows the love my daughter has for her big brother. Living in the US, she could lose him at any moment as so many before have. It’s an unbearable thought, and fear.

I’m not even on US soil for 9 or 10 months every year but it is my home and I want to say that I’m proud to be an American, but I’m not. I may have been at one point, but not now. The United States is not even my birth country, but I was raised there and consider myself an American because my passport tells me that I am, but if I had the ability to somehow reclaim my rights as a Finnish citizen, I would.
Because in light of what *continues* to occur in my “home country” I feel scared for my safety; for the safety of my husband; for the safety of my children; and for the safety of so many innocent black people who die every day. People who didn’t deserve to die at the hands of those who were entrusted to protect us.
The police force in our country is a necessary and integral part of our society, but when a pattern of abuse emerges, and that pattern of abuse is targeted against an already oppressed segment of society, why is that abuse allowed to continue?
Why is a cop that kills an unarmed black man allowed to retain his pay and all benefits while being put on desk duty? Why is the cop that murders a child allowed to remain on modified duty while the “incident” is being investigated? Why is all of this injustice occurring when there is actual video footage of these events? Why am I reading facebook comments by “friends” who say that they “need more information” before forming an opinion, when there is ACTUAL VIDEO EVIDENCE!!! The only reason you would need more information about something you can watch with your own eyes, is because you refuse to believe what your eyes see. You refuse to believe that the country that you pledged allegiance to could have anything to do with the injustices that you see before your very eyes. That’s the only reason you could continue to watch these videos and not be outraged, and not take a stand.
So I ask, why are people not outraged???? Why are white people not outraged??? Why are Asian people not outraged??? Why are the only people who are outraged the people who fear that they, or their children, or friends, or family members may be the next victims of JUST LIVING????
I’ve raised my children overseas for 9 years now (in Italy, Greece, Venezuela, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, and Argentina), and they are all young enough to not understand the war against black men (and women). Why is that? It’s because we’ve lived in places where the police don’t indiscriminately target young black men and boys; for wearing hoodies, or for playing loud music, or for walking down the street late at night.
As crazy as it sounds, while being overseas I feel like my children are safer. They are not targets. When people stare at us, it is because they are curious and interested to know more about us, not because they are scared or afraid. The stares we get overseas mostly translate into photo ops or broken conversations about where we are from and what team my husband plays for. My children don’t fear the police when we walk down the street, even though the police in many of the countries we’ve been in, have been plentiful and sometimes on every corner, complete with machine guns at their waist.
So when black men and women continue to die every day, every week, and every year back at home, I feel sad, and so very disillusioned. I question out loud to my husband whether we should make the decision to remain overseas when his basketball career is over. Our children will remain innocent I think. My daughters will still believe in santa clause and my boys will still be alive.
Throw in the possibility of a Trump presidency and it almost seals the deal. But alas, I cannot practice law anywhere but in New York State, so NY is where I want to be. I do love my city, but I don’t love how my city and my country has continued to treat my people as second class citizens. It would also help if they would stop killing us. Just a thought.
I ultimately just want peace. Honest and good peace and love. That hasn’t happened yet so at this point I want the good and honest cops to call out the bad ones. I want people, regardless of race, to open their eyes and their ears, and truly see the injustices of the world (not just in the US either, but across the globe). I want my real and my facebook friends to wake up and use their voices for change. The change can be attending a rally, writing a letter, joining a petition, or merely just SAYING SOMETHING.
I have hundreds of friends, and the only ones saying anything are the same handful of friends who always speak up about injustice. Where are the rest of you? Do you not feel the pain? Do you not care? Why are my white and non black friends so silent????
There should be a collective outrage, and not just from the left. It shouldn’t be political to be outraged when innocent people are gunned down with their hands up, or choked to death while begging for their last breathe, or walking away with their hands up. Those who are making excuses are part of the problem, and those who are silent don’t realize that they are too.

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