For The Love of My Overseas WAGS

I often talk about the good and bad of overseas life, with the good far outweighing the bad. While some things hold true regardless of the team or country, I’ve found that my experiences are greatly affected by the city or town I’m in, and by whether I have a friend to help me pass the time.

It’s unfortunate in that about half of the places I’ve lived, I have been the only wife/girlfriend/fiance around, and when that’s been the case it has pretty much sucked. It can be very isolating when it’s just you and your man and kids, especially when that man is traveling from 3 to 6 days every week or two, and sometimes more, depending on the league.


When I have no Wags, I sit alone at games and try to force my kids to play with me, such as here in Edirne, Turkey

It often feels as though time move at a snails pace when overseas, and it’s difficult to find things to keep yourself busy. While there are teams in big cities, many are in small towns where you’re lucky to find malls, restaurants, or any semblance of a night life. There may or may not be a gym, a restaurant or two, and a few stores, but really you are left to your own devices as to how to entertain yourself. So when I’ve been lucky enough to have a sister in arms it’s been nothing short of fabulous.


The very first friend I made, in Cantu, Italy 10 years ago. This pic is 8 years and 4 babies later.

This has been my experience, but I’ve also developed relationships with other Wags online, so I know that I’m not alone in how I feel. When you find another woman overseas who is in the same position you are, it’s like you immediately begin a whirlwind love affair.

We meet and spend a season, sometimes two if we’re lucky, and we bond. You will more than likely be bored at the same times, since your guys have the same job and therefore the same schedule. We go grocery shopping, we go to the bazaar, we lunch, we have play dates with our children, we hang out when our guys are traveling, we chat and bond at games, and sometimes we just talk. To have someone there who knows what you’re going through and allows you to vent about the annoying stuff is so important and necessary. It’s also a million times more fun to have a partner in crime to explore new cities with.


My ladies in Berlin, Germany

The overseas life differs from our lives stateside mostly because of the variety of options you may have in your daily lives and routines at home. If you have a job then there’s that, but even if you don’t, you likely have family and friends to make plans with and visit, playgrounds and museums for the kids, a gym, access to trusted babysitters, and an array of social options, from movies to bowling, for date night and girls’ night alike.

The number of cities I’ve been in that were devoid of those things are too many to count, so to be able to have someone, other than your man, to explore with is a beautiful thing.


You don’t have to be a Wag to be a friend. In Izmir, Turkey we randomly met in the grocery store and became fast friends.


In Izmir, Turkey our husband’s played on different teams but that didn’t stop the friendship 

How many of us are lucky enough to meet a new friend or two per year? Law school was the last time I made a significant number of friends, and since graduating I can say that I have made zero new friends at home, which included working and living in NYC. But since being overseas I have met countless women who will remain in my lives, hopefully, forever.


My ladies in Belgium

The memories and relationships we make while living this life are unique and will last forever, so this is my shout out to all the women I’ve met along this journey. I love you ladies!


My current Wag in Argentina. She doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish, but it works!

4 Comments on “For The Love of My Overseas WAGS”

  1. You touched on work. How does working work when overseas or some type of income especially when there is constant moving to other countries?


    • Unfortunately, I’m not able to work because I would need a license to practice law in each country that we’re in. There are plenty of girls who are to work however, some work from home in whatever businesses they already had established in the States, and others are able to teach English as a second language, which involves a not too complicated process of getting certified.


      • Thank you, that’s something to think about.
        My honey is just starting out in this industry and I mean JUST starting. He has gone to a summer camp but doesn’t yet have an agent. We spoke about making the big move together if he receives a contract and I don’t know how anything works, I feel a little in the dark about everything, essentially. So I like reading your posts because all your great information I haven’t been able to find anywhere else on our lovely world wide web.


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