When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade . . . and Then Sip it poolside in sunny South America

I’m a firm believer in Murphy’s Law, where just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. But I am also a believer that when one blessing comes your way many more are to follow.

My husband is such a great player and great leader and he gives his all on the court. He respects his teammates and coaches, and truly loves the game. So when it’s months into the season and he is without a team and still fielding crappy offers, I get angry and beyond frustrated. It’s not fair I tell myself and him. I know of so many hotheads, guys with no respect, guys who don’t match my husband’s skill or integrity, with better offers and in better situations. Then I step back and I remember that God has a plan. He knows what he’s doing and we must be patient because that job we thought we wanted might have put us in a bad situation. That team that we had a bad feeling about and didn’t sign with might be having money problems or management problems or something else that would’ve put us in a bad way.

So we waited and we signed with a team that was family friendly and in a safe and relatively stable country (not many countries, including the US, are even really stable anymore).  My husband is averaging 18 and 10 and he’s on the leader board in 3 categories. He has a renewed spirit. I can’t say he ever lost it, but I can see that he walks with an extra pep in his step. He is no longer the Vet that should soon think about his options after basketball, but is instead the play maker who can almost guarantee a double-double every game. We’ve now received offers from teams in multiple countries, trying to get him to jump ship once they’ve seen the numbers he’s putting up. We are happy where we are, but it’s amazing to see and makes it all worth it.

And me? I speak very little Spanish but I’m still sitting pool side with my fellow Argentinean wives, none of whom speak English, and we spend our days watching our kids splash around, while trying to communicate and learn from one other. I take the kids out to explore our city. . . the hood, the center, the waterfront. We sweat it out in 100 degree weather and then we come home where I try my best to home school them, since schools here are out for summer vacation. They have a whole new country and culture to explore and it’s pretty amazing to watch a new journey begin.

These are our first impressions.

The first home game

The view from our hotel. Who knows when they’ll move us to our apartment!

During siesta from 12pm-5pm the streets are deserted, like a ghost town!

Taking it all in

The waterfront gives the only breeze in town

True water babies

❤ ❤ ❤

Celebrating my birthday at Rock House, a big indoor/outdoor clubb

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