The Perfect Family Photo

Whenever I see family portraits, whether in a studio or on location somewhere, I can’t help but be a bit envious. Growing up I had never taken one. We just weren’t that kind of family. I always felt that family portraits were reserved for perfect families, and since we were far from it, I don’t know that it was ever even considered.

Years later, as a full fledged grownup with a family of my own, the hubby and I spent just about every year since the birth of our first child 9 years ago (!) discussing how we would have family pictures taken soon. Year after year and child after child we would continue to discuss when and where we’d have these pictures taken, only to become too busy with life.

One year when we were living in Turkey we had to have passport pictures taken for our resident permits. The man in the studio said he wanted to give us a gift and ushered us all into the studio together and gifted us with our very first family portrait. I was so touched, even though we were far from the matching, prepared family I had always expected we’d be. I also have a slightly bewildered look on my face, almost unsure of how to take a professional family portrait. Let’s add in my son’s mischievous, cute yet bad boy, look and it was not quite what I had envisioned. Nonetheless, I put the picture in a frame and have cherished it as all we had of the family portrait I had been chasing for years.


Some more years went by, and upon having what would be the absolute last and for sure final child we’d have, we decided now would be when we finally get to romp through a field, taking hundreds of pictures as so many perfect families had done for years. So we found a great photographer ( and set out to Central Park for my dream pictures!

Although this was New York City in November, it had been in the 60s in the days leading up to our romp in the park. Of course that day the temperature dropped to the low 40s (only to rise again the very next day of course). It didn’t matter too much because hubby and I were just happy to finally get our pictures, and the kids reveled in having their picture taken over and over. Well let’s say the two older ones did. Our 3-month old couldn’t be bothered, and our 2-year old was about 2 hours past nap time and beyond cranky. I thought it was fitting though, being as he is a fairly cranky child in general so it was an accurate representation of all of our personalities.

the-francis-35 the-francis-88 the-francis-102

So now that my professional portrait virginity has been taken, I will definitely ensure that we continue the tradition of yearly family photos. Imperfections and all.








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