In The Blink Of An Eye

It was just last week when I wrote of my frustration at my husband not being signed yet. But this business moves fast and within a few days, sometimes hours, of entering negotiations with a team, you’re expected to drop it all and hightail it to the next location.

As was the case with us. Monday we had a contract and Tuesday we were on a plane to Charleroi, Belgium. It’s great to finally get an offer you like, but it’s an entirely different thing to have 24 hours to run all the necessary errands and pack up your life. It’s like you’re ready and waiting, but really you’re not. Especially a few days before Thanksgiving, when my husband had taken 3 of the kiddies to Boston and I was to meet him with the baby a few days later. We were about to spend the first Thanksgiving in the states in years. Instead I’m running to the pediatrician, the vet, and everywhere else and he’s rushing back to NY because those 24 hours fly by. We were thankful above all else, but super stressful nonetheless.

You would think that we’d be expert packers at this point, but we are constantly undershooting how much stuff we have and end up pulling all nighters and then still end up running around like crazy chickens in the hours leading up to the flight.

Our heavy load

Our heavy load

It’s now Wednesday and we’ve arrived safely in Belgium. It’s 1pm here (6am at home) so by my calculations I’ve now been up for 43 straight hours. I look and feel like holy hell. This was not helped by the fact that we flew an unfamiliar airline, who said on the phone that my 10 lb dog could travel in the cabin with us, but when we arrived at the airport, said she could not. Unless I could prove to have enough emotional problems to necessitate a service dog certificate, she would have to be carried in cargo, which she has never experienced before. So what does any grown woman, wife, and mother of four, with a law degree no less, do? I break down in tears of course. Like real balling tears. It was not a pretty sight and I knew the lack of sleep was doing something deep.

At this point our flight is boarding so we attempt to hurry through security with our gang of 6. But have you ever tried to hurry through security with 6 people? Not happening. I of course was pulled aside and tested for explosives, because either I looked to be the type to carry a bomb in my baby bjorn, or Anaya was looking extra suspicious. They also had to take apart our bags and individually test everything from the baby water to the spices. We made the flight just in the nick of time, but let me say that I look and feel like shit. My skin is pale, my eyes are glazed over and barely open, and I don’t know where I packed my comb so I legit haven’t combed my hair in two days.

I've seen better days and she clearly feels my pain

I’ve seen better days and she cleary feels my pain

With all that said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have enjoyed being able to watch my fav shows Scandal, Shark Tank, and The Good Wife in real time (and yes I’ll admit, everyone’s favorite ratchet mess, Love and Hip Hop), but the reality is that I would rather be out there in the world, supporting my husband and discovering new lands. So although this has been a rough 48 hours, we’re blessed to be on the road again.

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