Welcome to the World Baby Anaya!

So I want to say that I’ve had an action packed summer filled with days at the beach and amazing nights out on the town. The truth is, my summer has been spent jetting the kids back and forth from gymnastics camp, various appointments, and other necessary (but not fun for mom and dad) activities. Evenings were spent on Seamless.com deciding which lucky restaurant would be delivering that night’s dinner, and complaining about (1) How fat I was (2) How uncomfortable I was, and some combination of (3) Yelling at my husband about his super sperm and (4) Threatening a world of pain if he didn’t get a vasectomy immediately. Fun times.

I ultimately just wanted to meet my little girl and regain control of my body. The only good thing about having a scheduled C-Section was that there was an actual end point and not some mythical “due date” that always seemed to come and go, as my babies are super lazy and never want to come out when they’re supposed to. So last Friday, July 25th, we welcomed our little girl, Anaya Marika Francis, to the world.




I had a relatively uneventful delivery and she was born at 39 weeks, weighing 8lbs 8oz and 21 1/2 inches long, by far our smallest baby. The pain from this C-Section was much easier to handle than my last one, probably because this one was not an emergency, but also because they gave me real drugs. Having to handle the pain the last time around in Germany with some measly tylenol was the worst, so I’m grateful for proper meds this time, and great nurses that took such great care of me. Having my first epidural/spinal was definitely the worst part (especially since I’m deathly afraid of needles), and being awake during the whole procedure was a surreal experience.

We delivered at NY Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, which is where I had my oldest son (or would have had him, but for the whole born in the car thing) and I had the same doctor, my favorite doctor by far in life, Dr. Andrea Dobrenis. We stayed for 4 days and had a private room so my husband was able to stay with me and we didn’t irritate anyone with the constant influx of family and friends. My youngest son also turned 2 years old during my stay so we were able to have a proper birthday party for him. It was quite the festive atmosphere.



When it came time to leave I was presented with the nicest discharge gift I’ve ever seen from a hospital. A bag of Chanel goodies for me and an outfit from Ralph Lauren for the baby. Way to go out with a bang!


So that was the last birthing experience I will ever have and all in all it was a good experience, considering I wasn’t able to have her naturally. She’s happy and healthy and we couldn’t be anymore blessed than to have our 4 amazing kiddies.



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