Such is The Basketball Life

So we’ve been back on US soil for 7 days now, which is what I’ve been looking forward to for months. One would think that would make me happy, but considering my hubby has been gone for 6 of those days makes it bittersweet. He’s in Venezuela playing with a team in contention for the championship and I’m here not entirely able to enjoy my time home.

Many people think it’s insane to fly all the way home after a long season, only to immediately jump on a plane to play for another team. It probably is a little bit nuts, but those involved in this life knows that this happens all the time, and that basketball never stops. It’s like you’re sucked into this basketball vortex of practice, team events, summer workouts and training, and a myriad of tournaments. Basketball is truly a lifestyle, and not just for the players.


I’d like to say that I’m used to it, which I am really, but at times like this when basketball comes calling before I was ready and without much warning, it can be difficult.

In most European countries the official seasons are over, but the playoffs are in full swing. If you were like us, and on a team that didn’t make the playoffs, then you would have been home, or heading home, by now. It’s a time when most athletes take a few weeks off to rest their bodies before throwing themselves into their summer workout regimen, while waiting for word about the upcoming season (if not lucky enough to be in the middle of a multi-year contract).

It’s also a time when many playoff teams get so close to a championship that they can taste it and they try to do anything to get that big win, including bolstering their team with the best available athletes they can find, if only for a few weeks. All of this happens in a frenzy mind you. Hubby begins receiving calls asking if he can be on a plane the next day, regardless of the fact that he would still have some regular season games left and a large family to think about. They entice the athletes with large sums of money, but are often ridiculous with their demands in their rush to build a winning team. On the one hand, the players just want the season to be over so they can go home and relax with their loved ones, but on the other hand they have an opportunity to be paid well to continue playing, which is what they would be home doing anyway, albeit not as seriously.

This happens almost every year, but this is only the second time he’s accepted an offer. The last time was three years ago, also to a team in Venezuela, but the kids and I were able to travel with him so it seemed more like an extension of the regular season, and not as an interruption of summer like it feels now.

After a semi-final win in Venezuela 3 years ago

After a semi-final win in Venezuela 3 years ago

I would love to spend my time relaxing by the pool as I did last time, but it’s not always possible, especially since I’m pretty seriously pregnant right now. I know I’m hating a little, but I do take solace in the fact that he’ll spend the next few weeks in serious playoff mode so there won’t be much time for beach jaunts and my jealousy will be under control.

So it’s not a summer lost, just delayed a bit, and once he’s home we can begin the official summer season activities of beaches, bbq’s, and the countless zoo, museum, and aquarium visits that bring the kids so much joy. This will all revolve around hubby’s basketball training schedule of course, but such is this basketball life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For now at least.

Our relaxing time in Venezuela last time around

Our relaxing time in Venezuela last time around


2 Comments on “Such is The Basketball Life”

  1. Awww. So bitter sweet. I’m sute you are really conflicted between them winning and him being gone longer and them losing and him coming home to you. Well since you are home, hopefully you can fill your days with family, friends and relaxation until Torin returns. πŸ™‡


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