Homeward Bound

I’ve reached that point in the year when all I can think about is going home. I’m tasting sushi, buffalo wings, Starbucks, Red Lobster, and a whole lot of Ben and Jerry’s in my mouth. Individually, all at once, I don’t think I care. I just want to go home and eat and be merry.

The season officially ended a few days ago and we’ll be home 7 short days from now. To make things even better we’ll be taking a short vacation to Izmir, which is where we lived last year. I plan to soak up some rays, see some friends, and we can have a nice relaxing end to what was a pretty unspectacular season.


Last game of the season


People always ask me how can we continue to pack up entire apartments over and over again and if I get tired of it. The truth is, it’s just a part of this lifestyle we live and I’ve gotten used to it. Not to say that it isn’t annoying though, because it surely is. The house is filled with boxes, suitcases, and packing materials and no matter how early I begin packing things up, there always seems to be a mad rush in the end.

There are piles of everything everywhere. Piles of books and toys to take with us, put in boxes to store for the summer, and piles to give away. Our children grow at ridiculous rates so we spend hours trying on clothes that fit just two months ago, but are now in the give away piles. Our toddler could give two craps about piles and organization so toys that were already packed are somehow scattered across the living room and he’s often found playing in a half-packed box.


But annoying as it is, I know that next week at this time we’ll be touching down in New York with the biggest smiles on our faces. My daughter will get to resume the play dates she loves so much, with friend’s that actually speak English, and we’ll get to see family and friends we haven’t seen all year. I’ve already booked a prenatal massage, body scrub, and bikini wax (woohoo) and will be making a beeline for the nail salon the first chance I get.

It’s a magical time and I couldn’t be more excited. The people of Edirne have been very good to us but there’s no place like home :-).

If I can say anything about Edirne, it has been peaceful

If I can say anything about Edirne, it has been peaceful

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