Happy Easter!!!

Living in a Muslim country means that Easter means absolutely nothing to the majority of people, and those few that want to celebrate have a hard time doing so. There are no church’s to attend, no Easter bunny, and not a jelly bean in sight.

I spent all week going from store to store searching for something resembling an Easter basket, and some kind of bunny or egg candy. At least when Christmas rolled around they had a few fake trees and some basic decorations to choose from. The best we could find to celebrate Easter were a few gift boxes and some pastel colored candy. Randomly, there was a sale on some Christmas chocolates that could resemble an egg if you looked long enough so there it was.

The baskets were then filled with random small toys like bubbles, markers, and cards, for hours of non Easter related fun.


We were able to paint eggs though, which is a biggie. They have no edible Easter egg paint out here, and we learned from last year that water color and boiled eggs do not mix, so we just had fun with regular paint and glitter and just won’t be able too eat them.



I feel bad wasting them, but we will be able to use them for our Easter egg hunt later this afternoon so they won’t be totally wasted.



Happy Easter from the Francis family!

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