My Gluttonous Month Filled With Samoas and Comfort Food

I’m finally past the halfway point at almost 24 weeks and I’ve gained 20 pounds so far. I don’t know how I feel about that. It seems like a lot, but being that I gained 55 pounds with my last pregnancy I can’t imagine gaining more than 35 pounds in the next few months and surpassing that ridiculous number. It’s actually quite surprising that I haven’t gained more given how much I’ve been eating.

I’ve been chronicling my meals this month just to see what I’ve been eating and to see if it’s any different from what I normally eat. My pregnancy cravings used to consist of yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit, and lots of salads, but now I’m craving all kinds of comfort foods and baked goods.

The baked goods are the top of my list and if I could eat dessert for dinner I would, but my hubby would probably have something to say about that. A few months ago I went crazy for a cinnamon roll recipe I found, this month it was an amazing recipe for samoas. It’s been awhile since I had Girl Scout cookies but oh my goodness did they taste just like I remember. They did take double the time they should have, but that was partly due to not having any sweetened coconut shavings, so I resorted to all sorts of ridiculousness to get the shavings from a fresh coconut, including beating it with a knife, putting it in the oven, and repeatedly smashing it on my kitchen floor. The end result was heavenly, pure bliss. Here’s the recipe:


Then I had a hankering for coffee cake and happened upon this yummy recipe for coffee cake muffins with raspberry filling and it had to be done. I found it here:


Then hubby wanted to get in on my baking extravaganza and shared this recipe with me, followed by a ‘hint hint’ of course. It wasn’t as sweet as the others so I didn’t get a sugar high eating it.


As if those weren’t bad enough, these are the things I eat for breakfast. Not terrible, but definitely heavy on the sugar.


In my defense, one plate is for my little one, and the syrup is made from fresh honey since they don’t have syrup here


It’s actually quite ridiculous the foods I’ve been eating, but I must admit it’s been quite fun trying out so many recipes. Since they are all from scratch it really eats away at the hours of the day, so if I don’t have anything else to do then I might as well stuff my face and give the family new things to eat.

I’ve made chicken Marsala a few times


Chicken pot pie, the best comfort food ever


Cheesy shepard’s pie with ground chicken


Chicken and shrimp pad thai


I’ve also been making lots of my old favorites, many things that might have been too fat filled for me to make when we were trying to eat well. But now that I’ve thrown caution to the wind I have no shame.

Chicken Parmesan is a fav of my husbands


Along with chicken burritos which the kids love


It’s not all bad though, some foods we love just happen to be not so bad for you, like these delicious baked buffalo wings, baked with a little butter for that extra crispy taste.


These Basil Parmesan chicken wings are also a big hit and are baked as well


Baked chicken also never fails, along with some Greek style lemon potatoes and fresh tzatziki


Last but not least, I love tapas and I love ceviche so whenever I can find some fresh plump shrimp this is my go-to.


Hubby fake complains and says that I’m trying to make him fat, but then eats it all and flashes his six pack so I’m not worried. As the summer approaches and I get bigger and more uncomfortable, I’m sure my desire to cook will wane, so I’m glad to have gotten it all out of my system now. Gluttony be gone.




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