My Love Affair With Istanbul

As I sit here on a Saturday afternoon watching a youth track meet from my window, I realize that this will be the highlight of my day and decide that’s pretty depressing to my city girl sensibilities. It’s no secret that I think Edirne is the pitts, but my saving grace has been the amazing city of Istanbul. Oh how I love Istanbul. Last year when we were in Izmir we visited once, but this year we’ve been monthly fixtures out there. Last year we were total tourists, visiting the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, and many of the unique streets in and around the Bosphorus.

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This year we’ve been drawn more to the food, the shopping, and the nightlife. It’s a vibrant city with so much to do, for us and for the kids. The aquarium is great, and there are a million arcades and indoor amusement parks in the many many malls in the city. Istanbul is also where we load up on the goodies we just can’t find here. Red hot, Siracha, sesame oil, sour belts candy, and fresh raw shrimp are the highlights on my shopping lists. We scour the many Walmart sized supermarkets like Carrefor and Migros and I jump for joy when I find these things. We are also faithful visitors to Pinkberry, Krispy Kreme, and lest we not forget my faithful Starbucks. Things that bring me some of the comforts of home.


istanbul16 istanbul14


The boys had a blast in the balloon pit at the Cevahir Mall, even though Kaden was a big bully to poor Tristan.

I of course want my husband and his team to win their games, but the selfish side of me REALLY wants the win so that team management might be generous with their days off. For a good win they usually get one and a half days, and occasionally even two, which better facilitates our trips. We found a great babysitter as well so we have been able to take advantage of the many restaurants and nightclubs the city has to offer. I don’t even like Chinese food but I sure will run to P.F. Changs every chance I get. It’s amazing what being in another country will make you miss or yearn for.


The season is almost over so our trips are coming to an end. We probably have just one trip left, two if I’m lucky, but if we end up in Turkey again I know that Istanbul and I will resume our amazing love affair.

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