My Pregnancy Style in the Land of the Fashionably Challenged

A few months ago I blogged about how much I loved game day because of all the fun I had picking out outfits and getting ready for the games. Well those days are gone and picking out anything to wear fills me with both a sense of dread and sadness. Dread knowing that anything I wear will only highlight my huge belly and/or make me look Oompa Loompa-ish, and sadness knowing that none of the cute clothes in my closet can save me from my fate.

The maternity clothes here are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s a sea of ill fitting slacks and a plethora of shirts with strategically placed wording like “baby cooking” and “baby on board.” While some may find that cutesy stuff great, it makes me want to throw up a little. Those sad fashion choices have killed all the joy I used to derive from shopping. The best I could do was have my mom send an emergency shipment from Gap Maternity, which still makes me pretty sad because it ensures I will spend my months wearing a uniform of leggings and slightly roomier t-shirts.

This is pretty sad stuff

This is pretty sad stuff

In addition to my army of leggings, I only have a single pair of maternity jeans with the oh so flattering tummy band. The number of outfits I’ve come up with using just those items is impressive, although anyone of the project runway variety would say my style has become dreadfully dull. Stretch is most definitely my friend, and the few dresses I own with stretch in them will be worn until I am literally busting at the seams. There are just a few pre-pregnancy items I own that still fit. I know I only have a few more weeks with them so I wear them with love.


Black is my friend!

Black is my friend!


The only jeans that still zip up

My belly gets insanely big because I carry gigantic kids, so once I hit the 7th or 8th month I all but give up on putting together a decent outfit. With this being the 4th baby, gone are the days I can drop $200 on a single dress at Motherhood Maternity. The fashionista in me sheds a tear thinking about it. Since I’ll be the biggest in the summer I’ll be pretty much left with a loose skirt and a tank top, perhaps paired with a cute sandal and bag to attempt to deflect from the obvious. For now I’ll don the legging and t-shirt look and remember that I have a closet full of goodies waiting for me on the other end. And a beautiful baby of course.

Pretty much my uniform

My basic uniform




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