The mean streets of Edirne

So we’ve just about reached the midpoint of our stay in Edirne and I’m happy to say that cabin fever has tried, but ultimately failed, to get me down. It’s cold, but nothing compared to back home, so I won’t complain too much. Here are some pictures I’ve compiled of our time thus far.

When it was still warm and grandma was still here.

Grandma's visit

The simit is a Turkish staple and I love it. It’s a round bagel-shaped bread with toasted sesame seeds, pretty basic, but reminds of my NY street pretzels. They are sold in supermarkets, but I think they’re the best when bought from the simit guys on the street.

IMG_00001514 (2)

Got to love the random horse just strolling down the street.

IMG_00002562 (2)

This restaurant, Leman Kultur Cafe, is pretty popular across Turkey. The food is just okay, but they do have a greater variety than most Turkish restaurants. They have a coloring book they give to the kids, and when I saw this I thought it was pretty racist.

IMG_00001674 (2)

Stray dogs and cats are everywhere in Turkey and if you are an animal lover it can be heart wrenching at times. Many times the dogs travel in packs, which can be scary when I’m walking my little 10 pound dog, but if you catch one by themselves it’s hard not to think about taking it home. I had such a moment last week when a stray puppy was hanging around outside our door, looking so cute and so sad. I gave it food and water and then it refused to go, just sat outside our window staring at me. The hubby wouldn’t even contemplate having another dog, but we did agree that if it was still there the next morning we would take it to our vet and see if they could do anything. The next morning our little doggie was gone 😦

IMG_00002818 (2)

The Bazaar is not unique to Edirne, but loved throughout Turkey. Every Wednesday and Saturday you go to what is otherwise an empty lot, and you can get practically anything you would want or need. The fresh fruits and vegetables are at the forefront, but they have cheese and dairy products, snacks and candy, clothing, household goods, toys, and other various knick knacks.


The fish market is another sight to be seen. Fish is hard to come by and not sold in many supermarkets, so if you really want fresh fish you have to venture to the center of town, park your car and walk to the market. The presentation is so lovely. I should frequent the market more often, but my fish manipulation skills are suspect and I can only handle all the slicing and dicing from time to time. Those fish heads haunt me, it’s something about those sad little eyes when they see the knife coming their way.


The rest of our time is spent at the games and in the house. My husband is almost always the last one out of the locker room so a lot of our time is spent looking like this in an empty gym.



When he’s not sleeping, or having one of his famous tantrums, our littlest one is hard at work learning the game.


Well that’s all folks. We’ll hopefully discover some new and interesting things in the next 5 months.

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