The away game blues

Day one: Made breakfast. Played with my son’s train tracks. Watched in horror as my 15 month old sat on and broke said train tracks. Dealt with the tantrum that followed. Worked on spelling and math with my daughter. Walked the dog. Made lunch. Talked to hubby. Listened to the kids ask when daddy’s coming back for the 10th time. Took the kids to the track across the street to get out some of their energy. Made dinner. Gave baths. Put the kids to bed. Talked to hubby. Watched tv and surfed the net. Sent hubby a bunch of random links to read. Cursed to myself for not knowing how to drive, therefore limiting my options. Eventually came to the realization that there’s nowhere to go anyway.

Day two: Repeat just about everything, except instead of the track we did the big house clean, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and the million toys that end up everywhere. I ended the night chasing a pretty bold stray cat out of my kitchen. Good times.

Away games blow. Especially on the weekends. Only positive is that it was 2, and not 3, days away. (edit:  the guys had random drug testing by the league after the game, causing them to miss their flight and stay another night, so it ended up being 3 days after all).


Watching daddy if we're lucky enough to catch the game on TV

Watching daddy if we’re lucky enough to catch the game on TV


I’ll always remember a conversation I had with two of my friends and fellow WAGs when I was living in Berlin. The guys had been gone for a few days and my friend and I were going crazy by ourselves. We both had two kids at the time and I was pregnant with my third. We were complaining about just about everything and were literally counting down the hours until they came back. Our other friend, who didn’t have kids yet, was also wishing her man would hurry up and get back. But her reasons were in stark contrast to ours. She just missed him so much, wanted his companionship, missed talking to him, snuggling with him. It was unreal how cute and mushy it all was. It was also pretty hilarious that we were like “aww we used to be like that but now we just miss their help!” Sad but true.

Of course we missed our men and all the pillow talk, but the reality was that the day to day is just harder without them. It’s not nearly as difficult as when we were long distance full time, and I do enjoy a little me time as much as the next girl, but the problem is that me alone with 3 kids involves far less me time than I would like.  We have a pretty good system set up which allows us to relax and enjoy some grown up time after all the parental duties have been fulfilled. Granted that grown up time often has us up until 2am because there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but I’ll take that over my sad little away game activities any day.


Got so bored that I tried on a jacket we just bought and had already determined was too big for her. She was not pleased.

Got so bored that I tried on a jacket we just bought and had already determined was too big for her. She was not pleased.

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  1. Wow. You may not have a bunch of places to go, but what a full life you have. Your candor and honesty is refreshing. Thanks for sharing.


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