Dance party

When I say there is literally nothing to do here, I’m not exaggerating. I have so much pent up energy inside and nothing to do with it. Although the kids are able to get out some of their energy in school, they feel the same way and we all seem to be in a constant state of cabin fever.  Just when it seems we can’t take it anymore we break out into our “famous dance parties” as my daughter calls them.

If you’re is old enough to remember Dance Party USA or Soul Train then you can understand my joy at breaking out in dance at any given moment. When the music is blasting and the kids are really feeling the beat I almost feel like I’m at a club dancing the night away. It’s a strange little club with not many people and no age restrictions, but it’s a party nonetheless.



We all take part, except “grumpy old daddy” as my daughter calls him. He says he’s too cool for dance parties but I say that we’re too cool for him. I mean how can you watch these kids really feeling the rhythm and not possibly join in, it’s contagious.



I wouldn’t have danced so hard if I knew I was being videotaped but I’m not ashamed of my moves!

They even break out into dance when I’m trying to get dinner ready. It’s like they hear music and can’t help themselves, even if it’s mommy’s oldies that they’ve never heard before.



It does make some of those hum drum moments seem that much better.  Not only do I get some company in the kitchen, but it really does brighten my day and reminds me how blessed I am to have such happy kids who find joy in even the smallest things.

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