The latest casualty of overseas living

So I wouldn’t exactly call myself vain, but when I’m at home on US soil I get my hair cut regularly and enjoy a good mani/pedi as much as the next woman. Once abroad I’m pretty much left to my own devices so the appearance definitely takes a hit. The ponytail becomes my hairstyle of choice, with the bun and the occasional blowout thrown in for good measure. From my observations of Edirne thus far, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s on the cutting edge of fashion and style, so why put forth so much effort when most people are wearing jeans and sweatshirts. I rationalize that there isn’t anywhere to go anyway.

Well last night Edirne is where my hair came to die. For the past few months I was trying something new and had been wearing extensions in my hair. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have my sister-in-law here to take them out the correct way, and I couldn’t walk into a Turkish salon because they wouldn’t know what to do with me or my hair, let alone speak English. So my husband and I went to work, and then everything went horribly wrong. I apparently washed too vigorously and my hair was a tangled mess. My husband has a head full of beautiful locs that he’s been growing for years, yet I somehow managed to loc mine in one 20 minute shower.

My hair and I in better days

My hair and I in better days

So I cried a little (ok a lot) as I had no choice but to take a pair of scissors and unceremoniously chop it all off. There had never been anything particularly special about my hair, but it worked for me and did the job. Now I have what appears to be a small rodent on my head. Some parts are curly, some parts are straight and there’s nothing I can do and no where I can go. Perhaps if I were small and petite like Halle Berry I might feel better about it all, but my head is just too big to pull this off. Such is life I suppose. My husband said I looked adorable (what else could he really say at that point), but then he made everything okay by reminding me that we are in Edirne after all. So for now I’ll just think of myself as that tree in the forest and hope no one notices.


16 Comments on “The latest casualty of overseas living”

  1. Hey Girl, loved reading your blog. So funny, cute and entertaining. My husband and I were in Bursa Turkey the last 3 years and I can say that those men who do hair there are top of the line. If you can somehow get someone from the team or a bilingual wife of your hubbies teammates to go with you, I’d recommend checking a salon out. While there I took a shot in the dark and said I’m going to just go. I lucked out and found someone who spoke English and he ended up making love to my hair:)))) I walked out feeling fabulous! My hair was the silkiest and straightest it’s ever been. Your choice of course, but I had a great experience. To top it off it only costed me 25 lira! For a shampoo, trim, and blowout:))). You know in the states that price for anything hair related is impossible to find;). Good luck on your Turkish hair journey, I honestly think it looks cute.

    Courtney N.


    • Thanks so much! I’ve heard of Bursa but never been. It’s amazing that you were able to find someone you loved out there. I went to a salon in Izmir once to get a pedicure and they didn’t understand what I wanted and they did a terrible job. From that moment on I vowed to do everything myself lol. Maybe I should have been more trusting like you and just gone for help and avoided this whole mess!


  2. I think you should cut all the dead ends off and start fresh. Your hair will grow back thick and long. Check out “Kinky Curly” Facebook page. A lot of good info for woman who do the BC (Big Chop)
    You look great! Go out and get you some big earrings. I can’t wait to see your beautiful new pictures!

    Did you you use detangler before you washed??


  3. Still gorgeous as usual girl 🙂 No worries…It will grow back. In the meantime, enjoy the shortness. Have fun experimenting like me (I cut my locs in August).


  4. Aw you know I love your hair Mia! I think you would look good with a bald head. You have the face and beauty to carry it.


  5. Morning fellow bball wife. I just came across your blog. I am not traveling this year, but I understand what you’re going through. We try to make the best of everything while we are away and sometimes things just happen. You are absolutely beautiful sis! Just a fresh start and a chance to try something new. I had a bad situation with my hair while in the states and it took a little bit to get over, but you have someone that loves you unconditionally so things will look up soon. I will actually be in Turkey for the holidays and I can’t wait!


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